Tax Planning

Implementing tax planning strategies for a new client allowed our client to reduce tax for the current year by $180,000 and pay off their home loan approximately 7 years earlier. Read More



Our client was a builder had been operating his business from a trust structure (with corporate trustee) for a number of years. The corporate trustee was licensed with QBCC and being in the lowest turnover category had been able to use a deed of covenant to meet the strict financial requirements of licensees. Legislative Changes Read More

Property, SMSF

Small Business CGT Concessions

Our client had recently put their commercial rental property on the market and assumed that the sale would attract a significant capital gain (and subsequent tax liability) of over $1m. Read More

Medical/Veterinary/Allied Health, SMSF

Medical Specialist

A newly established medical specialist that had started trading as a sole trader requested our advice to ensure he was structured in the most efficient manner possible. Read More

Research & Development (R&D)

Startup Success: Biotech Company

We were engaged to prepare and lodge an R&D application for a start-up biotech company that had made significant inroads in finding a cure for Dengue Fever, Breast Cancer and Avian Flu among others. Read More