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Insights- The Federal Budget 2025-2025

On Tuesday 14th May, Jim Chalmers handed down his second Federal Budget. The budget again focused on cost of living, whilst trying not to add to increased inflation but from an accountants perspective there wasn't a lot of new information with most items already being released before budget night. Below is a summary of some of the items which may impact on your business or personal taxation outcomes. Read More


Insights: Tax Planning - Failing to plan is planning to pay tax!

Nobody wants to pay more tax than they need to- so why would you not plan ahead to ensure you are legitimately minimising the amount that ends up in the ATO’s pocket. Read More


Insights - FAQ - Can I claim a deduction for my work clothing?

We are commonly asked by our clients what work related expenses they may be eligible to claim, in particular can they claim for the clothing that they wear for work.  In this article Steve Payne breaks down the facts to work out what the ATO says is OK and what is not. Read More


Insights - The Art of Communicating

Thich Nhat Hanh shares his secrets to authentically connected with yourself and others. The style of writing was different than many other books I have read however there were still some key takeaways which are included here. Read More


Insights- Radical Candor - Notes from the book.

In Radical Candor Kim Scott gives guidance on how to show you care and get what you want by saying what you mean. Read More


Insights- Share in racing's thrills - The Land Newspaper

Recently, our own Murray Kilpin was invited to contribute to an article by Hayley Warden in The Land Newspaper, sharing the most important consideration for those venturing into owning horse. Check our the article for Murray's top tips. Read More


Insights- Advance Queensland Ignite Idea Fund

The Queensland government has launched the Advance Queensland Ignite Idea Fund aimed to support Qld businesses to commercialise new and innovative services and products that have achieved minimum viable product status and are ready to go to market. Read More


Insights- The Song of Significance - A New Manifesto for Teams: Notes from the Book

In The Song of Significance, Seth Godin encourages uses the analogy of the business organisation as a bee colony. In a unique style of writing he talks about what is going wrong with our current organisations and what we should be striving for to create a "healthy hive". Read More


Insights - FBT and EV - What does it mean?

As part of the Government’s green initiative & to increase the uptake of Electric Vehicle’s, they have announced an exemption for FBT on electric cars and associated car expenses from 01 July 2022. However there are quite a few requirements to meet eligibility and it is important to speak to your accountant to ensure you get it right. Read More


Insights- Tiny Habits - Notes from the book.

A week in from our latest New Years resolutions - how many have already fallen foul of their promises for the year? In Tiny Habits, BJ Fogg talks about the techniques to help make lasting change easy- to make those changes stick.  Read More


Insights - Catch up Super Contributions- Are you leaving tax deductions on the table.

Superannuation is a fantastic tax vehicle for building long term wealth- with a tax rate of 15% and in retirement for most Aussies it will become tax free. As with most things with ATO, where there is a tax benefit, there are rules - lots of them and caps which limits that amount you can benefit. Scott Coghlan breaks down the rules around concessional contributions and how you may be able access contributions from prior years to make the most of your super. Read More


Insights - Business Support for SEQ Christmas Day Storms

Support has been announced for Queenslanders impacted by SEQ storms on Christmas night 2023, in addition to the personal hardship grants for the most hard hit local government areas. These include: Disaster assistance Loans for those experiencing direct damage from the storms. Essential Working Capital Loans for those indirectly impacted Freight Subsidies for Primary producers. Read More


Insights - QBCC Requirements - Getting it right for your construction business.

Businesses operating in Queensland construction industry are governed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) and are required to be licenced to continue to operate. As well as paying your licence fees, compliance with licencing requirements includes adhering to annual financial reporting including meeting certain financial ratios and providing information to the QBCC by the deadline each year. So what exactly do they expect? Evan Jones breaks down the key requirements for businesses to ensure they stay on the right side of the QBCC. Read More


Insights- Elevate Your Team - Notes from the Book

Robert Glazer's "Elevate Your Team" shares important lessons on how to maximise your teams potential and get the best out of each team member. Capacity building is the method through which individuals seek, acquire and develop the skills and abilities to consistently perform at a higher level in pursuit of maximising their potential Read More


Insights - Fringe Benefits tax - What, why, when and who?

FBT is probably the one tax that business owners find most difficult to get right because it’s quite broad in the items that it can apply to. Applying to any non cash benefits paid by Employers to Employees or their Associates, in respect of Employment- we need to take care to ensure we are getting it right. Read More