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Insights - Fringe Benefits tax - What, why, when and who?

FBT is probably the one tax that business owners find most difficult to get right because it’s quite broad in the items that it can apply to. Applying to any non cash benefits paid by Employers to Employees or their Associates, in respect of Employment- we need to take care to ensure we are getting it right. Read More


Insights - Women In Finance Summit - Key Takeaway's

On 10th November 2023, Tanya Holtham and Donna Bruce attended the inaugural Women in Finance Summit in Sydney. With an amazing group of entrepreneurs sharing their stories, challenges and keys to thriving in a male dominated industry, we share the key takeaways in relation to succeeding in a male dominated area, supporting diversity in business and the challenge of self leadership. Read More


Insights - The Importance of Effective Corporate Governance

Governance is a framework or a set of rules and procedures in which a business should follow and includes documentation that provides guidance on the who and what of the business. By having good corporate governance in place, it can aid in efficiencies within the business and ensure everyone knows their roles and responsibilities. Read More


Insights - Anatomy of A Breakthrough- Notes from the Book

Adam Alter identifies reasons why we as humans are destined to get stuck at one time or another, what causes us to get stuck, why it is easier to see our own barriers than those faced by others, the traps and snares that catch us, and how we can change our view to get past the stucks and embrace the failures. Read More


Insights - SMSF's and Travel Expenses

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are an increasingly popular option for Australians looking to take control and manage their retirement future. Part of this management may involve travel to inspect or maintain property or attend investment presentations and AGMs for the fund's share portfolio. In this article, we'll explore the circumstances and the rules that govern whether travel expenses can be paid from your SMSF and claimed as a deduction. Read More


Insights- Best Team Ever- The Surprising Science of High Performing Teams.

Although I know that Alto already has the best team ever, I wanted to read this book to understand the science behind high performing teams.  David Burkus breaks it down to explain why some teams perform better than others and how common understanding, prosocial purpose and psychological safety together will create the best team.  Read More


Insights - Xerocon 2023 - AI, Change in business environments and Handling Stress

In August, Tanya Holtham attended Xerocon, as an opportunity to find new ways to better service our clients and understand the changing face of technology. Although Xero is an accounting software, much of Xerocon’s focus was not only on apps and tech, but also had a big focus on business, environmental influences, challenges and opportunities. Read More


Insights- Qld Business Boost Grant- Round 3

The Qld Government will release Round 3 of the Business Boost Grant early next month,  offering between $10,000 and $20,000 to businesses to improve productivity and efficiency and focuses on future planning, HR and automation/ IT. Read More


Insights - This Book Will Make You Kinder - An Empathy Handbook - Notes From The Book.

You are kind because of empathy. Empathy is our ability to experience those feelings we witness in others. You are not kinder because empathy is limited by mistakes that we all make. Read More


Insights - PPSR - Do you really know who owns that asset?

In the current economic climate, it is more relevant than ever to review your asset holdings and ensure that you are covered by having your interest “perfected” on the PPSR for any goods or assets that are not currently in your possession. Read More


Insights - Head & Heart: The Art of Modern Leadership - Notes from the Book

Kristin Ferguson explains how modern leadership integrates both the head and the heart and explains the different traits that are important for powerful leadership. An important part of leadership is the ability to integrate personal qualities with authenticity and authority invested by the formal role. Read More


Insights- SMSF's and the Pension Recycling Strategy for Effective Estate Planning

Superannuation contribution recycling is a powerful tool for individuals seeking to optimize their member balance for estate planning purposes. By strategically managing non-concessional contributions, individuals can reduce future tax liabilities and leave a more substantial inheritance to their beneficiaries. However, it is crucial to remain aware of contribution caps and eligibility criteria while seeking professional advice to ensure compliance and maximize the benefits of this strategy. Read More


Insights- Top Tips for the New Financial Year

Happy New Financial Year! As the clock ticks over on another year  - what should you be doing to start 2024 financial year off with a bang? Read More


Insights - 120% Tax Break Deduction for Technology and Training Boost

Finally the government has past the measure announced in the last budget in relation to allowing the 120% boost for technology and training. Who is eligible and what you can get for your money? Read More


Insights - Claiming Deductions for Home Office Expenses - the New requirements.

Working from Home (WFH) has shifted from being a necessary requirement to more of an extra "perk" of the employment as many Australian businesses have returned to the office and are now operating as they did before the pandemic. It is key to understand the available options and eligibility criteria as the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) publishes its most recent revisions to WFH tax deductions. Read More