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Insights: The Mindful High Performer - Notes from the Book

Chelsea Pottenger tells the story of how she went from a high achiever, higher performer and high stress executive to the lowest of lows and what she has learned in terms of recharging mental health, preventing burnout and performing at your best both at work and at home.  Read More


Insights- The Federal Budget 2023-2024

On Tuesday 9 May, Jim Chalmers handed down the Federal Budget. The budget focused on cost of living measures, whilst trying not to add increased pressure on inflation. Below is a summary of the impact of the budget, some of which had already been released and other items being announced for the first time last night. Read More


Insights- CEO Excellence - Notes from the Book

While CEO Excellence by Carolyn Dewar, Scott Keller and Vikram Malhotra is focused on those working in the CEO role, many of the concepts can be applied equally to the business owner and even includes a section on how you can help develop a CEO excellence mindset for success in your own business.  Read More


Insights- Tax Planning - the only way to ensure the best outcome for tax minimisation

Nobody wants to pay more tax than they need to- so why would you not plan ahead to ensure you are legitimately minimising the amount that ends up in the ATO’s pocket. Read More


Insights- Alto Core Values

The Alto team sat down together and formulated a set of core values for the team to live by every day. Living these core values helps us achieving our mission of "Elevating relationships to create impact" and we are excited to share these with the world. Read More


Insights - Xero Roadshow - Apps and Updates.

In February 2022, some of the Alto team attended the Xero Roadshow on the Gold Coast. As well as connecting with their professional peers, they used the opportunity to learn about what is happening with Xero and the business economy as well as new apps that are available in market which could be useful for our clients. Read More


Insights- What To Do When It's Your Turn (and its always your turn)- Notes from the Book

Seth Godin's "What to do when its your turn (and its always your turn) is a colourful and creative take on mindset, facing our fears, embracing failure and stepping up to get stuff done. Read More


Insights: SMSF: Indexation of the transfer balance - cap here we go again!

The Transfer Balance Cap for superannuation is changing. It is important to be aware of how this impacts your SMSF and future retirement benefits. Read More


Insights- The value of defining your business's core values.

Every organisation has core values, whether they are defined in writing or not. But when done right, taking time to clearly define these values can have a significant impact on the success of your business. Read More


Insights- Dare To Fly: Simple Lessons in Never Giving Up- Notes from the Book

As the first US women to fly a fighter jet in combat, Martha McSally has faced significant challenges, discrimination and opposition. In addition to this she also overcome sexual abuse, rape and bullying and challenged herself by completing Ironman Hawaii, climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and later become a member of congress as well as a senator. Dare to Fly tells her story which is inspiring, not just as a women but for everyone on how to overcome struggle and acheive great things. Read More


Insights - Don’t let the ATO Grinch ruin your Christmas.

Although Christmas is a time for celebrations, as a business owner there are a number of things we need to remember to ensure the festive season is fun but also that you don’t end up with a post Christmas financial hangover. Read More


Insights- Multipliers: Notes from the Book

In Multipliers Liz Wiseman explains how some leaders drain the intelligence and capability out of people around them, while other leaders use their intelligence as a tool to amplify the talents of those around them. Read More


Insights - SMSF & Residency - What happens to my SMSF if I move overseas?

When members of an SMSF is thinking about moving overseas, there are a number of factors to consider to ensure their SMSF maintains its status as a complying super fund. Failure to do so will result in the super fund being deemed non-complying and a tax of almost 50% levied on the total assets of the Fund – making it a very expensive overseas move. Read More


Insights - The Federal Budget 2022-2023 Round 2


Insights - Early Access to Super - Medical Access

The sole purpose of your superannuation fund is to provide for your retirement. But what if a treatable but expensive illness or injury may prevent you from ever reaching retirement? For individuals going through a medical crisis, early access their super to finance the care and treatment needed can only offer some peace of mind. Read More